Reliable, accurate and flexible quotes and invoices based on Free/Libre Software – what is it? is a fully integrated service offered by tentwentyfour1024 and built from three parts:

  • hosting of your private instance of the open-source, web-based invoicing application InvoicePlane on a server fully managed by tentwentyfour1024;
  • customizations to InvoicePlane to completely adapt it to your company's work flows and Luxembourgian legislation; and
  • an export format compatible to Sage BOB™ Link for quick and easy import of your sales data by your bookkeeper or fiduciary.

Quotes, Invoices, Payments

InvoicePlane is already a solid application to manage your complete billing circle: from quotes over invoices to payments.

We just made it a little better.

Manage your clients and contacts

The application provides CRM-like management for your clients.

Enter contact details, notes or add custom fields. Basic project and task management is also available.

Make it yours

You can customize InvoicePlane to make sure it fits your needs.

Select from different themes, set amount formats, modify email and PDF templates or many more.


e-invoicing is made simple with seamless integration of Peppol BIS Billing and UBL document standards.

We added everything necessary to generate standards-compliants electronic invoices to InvoicePlane.

Rather than only offer an option to generate PDF files or email them to your clients, allows you to download your invoices as XML files in X-Rechnung UBL 2.2 format or submit them directly to your clients as Peppol BIS using a Peppol gateway of your choice.

Universal Business Language

The Universal Business Language (UBL) has been defined to make business transactions machine-readable.

PEPPOL Network

Connected to the PEPPOL Network using a Access Point of your choice, e-invoices are directly submitted to the receiving party.

Legal Framework

By using, you can rest assured that you're meeting legal requirements for invoice generation and submission.


Don't worry about server rent and maintenance, application upgrades, back-ups or network security. Leave it all in our care.

tentwentyfour1024 has a solid expertise in managing GNU/Linux servers and Free-Software based services.

We will host your dedicated instance of InvoicePlane on a server hosted in a Tier IV data-center in Luxembourg.


With us taking care of hosting and upgrades, InvoicePlane will be made available as a service to you.

All you have to do is focus on your core business and benefit from the ease of use of InvoicePlane.


We're taking care of your data, making sure it stays safe and secure.

All communications to and between our servers use Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption and Public Key-based cryptography.


24/7 monitoring and nightly back-ups of your data to a secondary data-center in Luxembourg make sure that – even in a worst-case scenario – no important data is ever lost.


Does your company have specific, maybe even idiosyncratic work-flows that no off-the-shelf software knows how to handle?

Don't worry about it!

tentwentyfour1024's software engineers have customized, extended and adapted InvoicePlane instances to suit almost every business' habits.

Make it yours

InvoicePlane comes with standard templates for invoices and quotes.

If you'd prefer something that matches your company's corporate identity, let us create dedicated, intelligent templates just for you.

Manage everything

Why stop at quotes and invoices when you can cover all of your company's work-flows in a single application?

Work-sheets? Measurements? Reports?

Let InvoicePlane generate these documents for you.

Save money

With tentwentyfour1024's export format that is compatible to Sage BOB™ Link, supply your fiduciary with import-ready data and control your book-keeping costs.

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